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Epsilon 10 was founded in 1992 as a microwave manufacturing and design services company primarily specializing in antennas, with capabilities in LNA, downconverter, VCO, and microwave radios. Epsilon 10 has evolved into a microwave antenna design and manufacturing company, providing antennas in the 1 to 23 GHz bands with a constellation of standard design products.  Products include parabolic dishes, feeds, horns, helicals, omnis, conformal patch arrays, yagi arrays, and spiral discones, comprising over 150 products.  Microwave simulaton software is employed for design synthesis/analysis. Verifications are performed on Epsilonís HP8720C /8722ES NBS calibrated vector network analyzers, and on its  calibrated far field range and anechoic chambers.  Epsilon 10 provides antennas to the commercial, government, military, and space markets.
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